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learn more about 7 Ways Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina Maintains a Philosophy of Wellness

7 Ways Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina Maintains a Philosophy of Wellness

At Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina, we consider wellness to mean so much more than physical health. While eating right and staying physically active is a vital part of staying healthy, we take a whole-person approach to help our residents discover a full life of well-being. From intellectual stimulation to connection and contribution to one’s community, our residents discover meaningful opportunities to live well in beautifully designed programs, activities and the general atmosphere of their home.

Katherine Ligon, President, and CEO of Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina attributes PCSC’s unique approach to their emphasis on the Seven Dimensions of Wellness. “The programs at our communities integrate the Seven Dimensions of Wellness into daily choices and routines our residents enjoy,” says Ligon. “Making the components part of daily life creates a natural rhythm of well-being. What makes our philosophy so effective is its versatile interpretation. Every individual gets to decide what wellness is for them based on the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, vocational and environmental ways they interpret health and happiness. We have the capabilities to support each resident’s goals no matter how they define living well.”

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

PCSC’s Seven Dimensions of Wellness work to promote individual preferences, providing a more enriching life experience through the power of self-awareness, knowledge and meaningful activity. Each of these elements is vital to living fully:

  • Physical – Perhaps the most common idea of wellness is physical health and well-being. We encourage all residents to engage in physical health by balancing physical activity, diet, and nutrition and rest to keep their physical selves in good condition.
  • Emotional – We believe that overall health must include the mind and the emotional heart. Emotional wellness is achieved by coping effectively with life, being attentive to personal thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as developing awareness of the feelings of others.
  • Social – People were not meant to be solitary beings. Therefore, wellness expands beyond oneself to those around us. Social well-being comes from developing a sense of connection, belonging and a genuine support system of relationships. This involves give and take: we experience greater well-being by contribution to an appreciation of those around us.
  • Spiritual – However one defines spirituality, the health of one’s inner self is vital to our idea of overall well-being. We promote spiritual wellness by giving residents opportunities to expand one’s sense of purpose and meaning in life, guided by their personal beliefs, values, and faith.
  • Intellectual – We emphasize intellectual wellness to keep the mind stimulated and engaged with the surrounding community. Our programs, along with individual pursuits, encourage the mind to expand knowledge and skills while tapping into one’s creative abilities and interest.
  • Vocational – Even after retirement, we believe there’s still a place for meaningful work that allows us to contribute to our communities. We create new opportunities for residents to derive personal satisfaction from meaningful contribution to others that uses their unique gifts, skills, interests, and talents.
  • Environmental – We can’t experience complete wellness if we feel out of place in our surroundings. For this reason, we work to create safe and supporting environments where residents can actively participate and affirm a feeling of connection and harmony with the earth and those they encounter.

Bringing It All Together

In each of our PCSC senior living communities, health and well-being are top priorities. We hire and train experienced Wellness Directors to focus on fitness and overall well-being while promoting an environment filled with purpose, fun, and vitality. Our Wellness Directors coordinate health and learning opportunities while directing a variety of fitness activities designed for various abilities. We offer physical fitness programs that focus on strength training, balance, yoga, and cardiovascular exercise. Personal training sessions are also available to help accommodate even the most unique needs and abilities.

In addition to physical fitness, our programs offer a variety of opportunities to experience the other six dimensions of wellness, incorporating residents’ own interests, hobbies, and choices to develop meaningful events and avenues for participation. We partner with our residents to ensure the creation of an environment with lasting benefits for happiness, health, and overall well-being.

“PCSC understands that when we live well, we are healthier, live longer and have a higher quality of life,” says Ligon. “Our Seven Dimensions of Wellness ultimately center around a singular goal of living well, whatever that means for each resident. This also means that our communities are constantly evolving as our residents contribute to their environments and influence the kinds of changes they wish to see in their lives. I’m sure I speak for everyone at PCSC when I say it’s an honor to be a part of such meaningful, personal growth on a daily basis.”

If you would like to learn more about Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina and their philosophy of wellness, contact us today.

Enriching Senior Living in South Carolina

Welcome to Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors for 60 years. Our strong tradition of mission-driven service and care is reflected throughout each of our communities across the state of South Carolina.

Longevity & Innovation Through Life Plan Communities

Each PCSC community is a Life Plan Community, offering a wide range of senior lifestyles and services including independent living, assisted living and residential care, memory support, skilled nursing care and short-term rehabilitation.

We believe a Life Plan Community should allow future planning and living to merge. Having a plan in place – and the security of access to a continuum of healthcare services – grants residents the freedom to live life to the fullest.

A Legacy of Service

Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina is a compassionate Christian ministry committed to enriching the quality of life for seniors of all faiths. Built on the values of relationships, service, teamwork, and excellence, we ensure our mission and faith are honored daily. While striving to create the highest quality of retirement lifestyles for our residents, we work each day to enrich the spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being of seniors and their families, with our deep heritage leading the way.

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