About Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina

Setting the Standard

PCSC sets the standard to provide the highest quality and most compassionate care to those we serve. In order to achieve our goal to provide holistic senior living in South Carolina, we rely on the following pillars as fundamental to our continued success and service.

  • Established, Experienced Leadership | Providing the professional knowledge that builds confidence and the paths to meaningful programming and financial strength.
  • Proven Innovation | Expanding services and outreach with new pathways for adventure and effectiveness.
  • Documented Accountability | Using our belief in responsibility and compliance to hold a high standard for fulfilling our mission.

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Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina


2817 Ashland Rd Columbia, SC 29210

Living Options & Services

  • Patio Homes
  • Apartments
  • Residential Assisted Living
  • Memory-Support Accommodations
  • Respite Stays
  • Long-Term Skilled Nursing Services
  • RENEW Short-Term Rehabilitation*
  • Post-Acute Care* and Services
  • Outpatient Therapy and Rehabilitation
  • Vital Living Home Services
  • Presbyterian Home Health

*PCSC health care areas are Medicare certified

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Localized Living

Each PCSC campus reflects the particular charm of its unique location in order to integrate seamlessly into a community setting. This creates a deeper sense of connection to the neighborhood, city, or town which opens opportunities for engagement and service within that community. This benefit is in addition to other PCSC advantages, including well-maintained amenities, excellent service, and access to the social, cultural, and educational opportunities of the greater community.

What it means to be Not-For-Profit

Not-for-profit organizations exist for the sake of their mission. PCSC exists to fulfill our mission of serving and enriching the lives of older adults while exercising good stewardship to support a sound enterprise for many years to come.

As a not-for-profit organization, PCSC is accountable to and overseen by a volunteer Board of Trustees. Board of Trustees members represent a wide range of disciplines that relate to our mission. With no expectation of financial gain, our board members are committed to making sure we remain true to our mission, respond to local needs, plan effectively for the future and manage financial resources effectively.

No one owns a not-for-profit corporation the way that shareholders own a for-profit corporation. By being a not-for-profit retirement community, PCSC has the freedom to concentrate on the needs of the residents, first and foremost. All revenue is used to provide for the daily service and programming for those we serve, including the physical environment at each community.

Like many not-for-profit providers of senior services that were begun by faith-based organizations, PCSC was founded by Presbyterian churches in South Carolina. It exists in covenant agreement with the five SC presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) denomination. The long-standing values of those founding churches were incorporated into our organization from the start and are reflected in our governance and management today.

Quote: “The role of not-for-profits, as one of three major institutions in America, is nothing less than to change lives.” Peter Drucker

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HIPAA Information

We are committed to preserving the privacy and confidentiality of your health information created and/or maintained at our communities. View our privacy information practices here.