PCSC Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is comprised of 14 members who are strong leaders with a variety of professional experience in areas such as business and business development, medicine, law, accounting, ministry, and fundraising. Under covenant agreements with the five presbyteries of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in South Carolina, at least one Board member is from each presbytery. The board sets policy and direction for PCSC. Individual members contribute personal expertise in advising management on appropriate matters. Board members are volunteers and are not paid for their service.

Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina


2817 Ashland Rd Columbia, SC 29210


Mrs. Martha Casto

Mr. Mark B. Clary

Rev. Debbie Foster

Mr. Wally Graves

Mr. William F. "Bick" Halligan


PCSC Trustees

Mr. William H. "Bill" Hancock

Rev. Dr. R. Daniel Holloway, Vice Chair

Dr. Priscilla W. Holtzclaw

Mr. Joel D. Ledbetter

Mrs. Paige Parsons Lewis




Mr. John Long

Dr. Richard "Rick" McCain

Mr. Julian J. "Jay" Nexsen, Jr., Chair

Rev. Dr. J. Eric Skidmore



PCSC Foundation

The PCSC Foundation was organized in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) organization to support the mission and ministry of Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina, a non-profit corporation. The Foundation receives charitable gifts, develops investment and gift policy, and manages investments for the exclusive benefit of Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina.

PCSC Foundation Board of Directors

Dr. Stacey Brennan

Mrs. Martha Casto

Mr. Mark Clary

Rev. Dr. Eric Skidmore

PCSC Officers

PCSC Directors

PCSC Community Executive Directors and Administrators