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Learn more about Summer 2020 can still be Fun

Summer 2020 can still be Fun

Summer 2020 Can Still Be Fun

No doubt, Summer 2020 activities will be very different than in the past.  Our entire world has changed significantly due to COVID-19.   Yet as our state and nation opens up and people start engaging in favorite summertime activities, we see COVID-19 is still on the rise.  Some places like theme parks, beaches, and summer camps are seeing COVID-19 spread.    

It is tempting to focus on all the summer activities we enjoy, especially the ones listed as unsafe, or to want to travel to our favorite places some which are now COVID hot spots. It’s understandable to long for some of the traditional events that have been cancelled this year like outdoor concerts and festivals.

For over 4 months now, PCSC has had to change our entire operational focus significantly.  We believe in our ministry to older adults and are dedicated to doing all we can to keep our residents and each other safe.  

Knowing we must remain vigilant in our endeavors to stay safe, we at PCSC encourage everyone to think about all the positive opportunities before you!  Here are some ideas for fun, creative activities you can do at home or while social distancing and still have a wonderful summer.

Summer activities with the family during COVID-19

Camp out in the backyard
Make s’mores
Have a water balloon fight
Go stargazing
Make your own ice cream
Run through a sprinkler
Make popsicles  
Have a barbecue 
Nap in a hammock
Try your hand at face painting
Watch a movie under the stars
Have a backyard or indoor scavenger hunt with your family
Look for fireflies
Grow a little garden
Create a sidewalk chalk art gallery
Read a good summer novel. 
Go for a socially distanced hike
Picnic in your backyard—or your living room
Set up a tent in the living room and cuddle with the kids
Visit an outdoor farmers’ market
Attend a virtual summer camp
Create massive ice cream sundaes
Do fun science experiments (the baking soda and vinegar volcano is a classic)
Watch the sunset with family
Make homemade lemonade
Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard
Have a campfire in your backyard and share stories
Make a blanket fort
Splash in rain puddles
Go for a scenic drive
Go fishing
Bake a fresh blueberry or cherry pie
If you are not a baker, buy cake mix and bake with the kids
Climb a tree
Look for a rainbow during a downpour

What I’ve learned during this pandemic is that sitting and reminiscing together with family is one of the most heart-warming activities we can do. What my family appreciates and remembers the most were those days when the kitchen floor was full of flour as my son experimented baking; spraying each other with garden hose outside; and creating make-shift tents in the living room. Our home was filled with laughter as we enjoyed the simple pleasures of life.  It’s funny but my son remembers fondly those times and can barely recall some of the things we did on our grandest vacations.

My wish for you is to create beautiful memories your children, grandchildren, and entire family will remember!!!
Have a great summer.

Ellen Imperial, PCSC Director of Clinical Services


Resident helping a young boy read at Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina
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