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Learn more about Keeping residents safe in our community

Keeping residents safe in our community

Keeping residents safe in our community

At Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina, residents are provided with convenience, assistance and — above all else — safety. We specialize in the needs and considerations of seniors and know how important it is for residents and their families to feel safe. This has become top-of-mind for many due to COVID-19, but safety doesn’t start and end with disease prevention. Learn more about the ways that Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina is working hard to keep residents safe.


We carefully screen everyone who goes through our hiring process. This begins with our sales counselors and incorporates all departments, including dining, maintenance and health services. We factor in a candidate’s education, training, licensing, certification and work history to help determine if they’re capable of delivering high-quality care. Criminal background and abuse registry checks are also an essential part of our process. In addition, we train employees to look for signs of abuse and to report them through the proper channels

Fall prevention

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), falls are a leading cause of injuries among people age 65 and older. While not all falls can be prevented, we do employ strategies that help assess and minimize fall risk for our residents. We regularly screen the condition of our residents to look for changes that could put them at an increased risk of falling. When necessary, we may recommend physical therapy to improve balance and strength, changes in medication to reduce dizziness from side effects and scheduled bathroom breaks to ensure help is always nearby. [ADD COMMUNITY-SPECIFIC FALL PREVENTION PROGRAMS HERE.]

Medication management

Managing medications can be risky for a resident who may be suffering from memory issues. Our staff helps minimize the risk of any medication errors. Medications can be presorted into sealed packages and delivered as needed to residents who need help with medication management.


All visitors to our senior living community must check-in at the front desk. In addition, our current practice is to limit non-essential volunteers and visitors in order to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread. Cameras and other security systems in public areas also help our staff stay informed on the comings and goings of visitors and residents. We know it’s our duty to not only prevent the entry of unknown persons, but also to protect residents with dementia from leaving unattended.

Infection control

Even before COVID-19, infectious diseases are an ongoing concern for senior living communities. To dissuade the spread of such diseases, regular hand-washing, mask wearing, thorough cleaning and proper coughing etiquette are all encouraged for staff and residents. We also provide vaccinations for diseases such as influenza and pneumonia to residents and employees, helping to protect everyone who passes through our doors. When a disease is prevalent in a community, we also employ restrictions in person-to-person contact, as necessary.

Safety is our priority

At [This Senior Living Community], we employ the latest in safety standards and continue to innovate as situations change. To learn more about how we’re keeping our residents and visitors safe, visit


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