Chaplaincy Services

The Village at Summerville has two chaplains (one full-time and one part-time) available to serve the spiritual needs of residents, staff, and family members. The Chaplain leads weekly worship services and provides Communion services, Bible studies, and other spiritual activities. The Chaplain works with residents, serving on the community’s Spiritual Life Committee to develop faith-based programs throughout the year. PCSC Chaplains have even been known to conduct weddings in our chapels.

As a church-affiliated organization, spiritual life is integral to PCSC’s traditions, mission, and values. Each resident is visited by a Chaplain during their first weeks to help with their transition and introduce available services. They also visit residents and staff members who are hospitalized. The Chaplains are available for spiritual counseling, pastoral care, and grief counseling for residents, their families, and employees.

PCSC serves seniors of all faiths. Our Chaplains respect each individual’s religious views and assist with making connections with other spiritual leaders as requested by residents.

The Village at Summerville


201 W 9th North St Summerville, SC 29483

Opportunities for Worship

Opportunities for Worship and Study at The Village at Summerville include:

  • Sunday Service in the Chapel
  • Sunday School in the Lore S. Brown Room
  • Monday Morning Bible Study
  • Tuesday Devotions for Health Care Residents
  • Wednesday Roman Catholic Services from St. John The Beloved Catholic Church
  • Wednesday Inspiration Services with Communion
  • Monthly Summerville Presbyterian Church Service
  • Monthly Ministry of Fellowship and Worship by St. Paul’s Church of Summerville
  • Monthly Summerville Baptist Church Gathering
Worship with us at The Village at Summerville in South Carolina.