Ways to Give

Choosing How to Give

While many of the gifts made to PCSC are in the form of cash donations, there are numerous other ways to support our mission. Typically, donors choose among these options based on their need for current income, their estate planning objectives, and their desire to obtain the maximum tax benefits.

Appreciated stock gives the donor a tax deduction for the full amount of the gift, and allows the donor to avoid capital gains taxes. It’s a “win” for the donor and a “win” for PCSC.

A charitable gift annuity that names PCSC as the residual beneficiary is ideal for donors who want to make an irrevocable future gift while continuing to draw income on which to live.

Naming PCSC as a beneficiary in one’s will or similar document is a way to plan for a future gift to support our mission without reducing one’s assets while still alive.

There are many other ways to support PCSC, including:

  • Life insurance
  • IRA’s
  • Real estate

If you would like to know more about these and other ways to establish your own legacy of blessing our residents and their families, please contact Franklin Fant, Director of Foundation Services and Church Relations, at 1-888-842-4855 (toll-free) or 803-772-5885. You can also email him at Franklin.Fant@PresHomeSC.org.

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Designating a Gift

Charitable Care

At any given time, up to 7% of our residents, who have spent decades of their lives saving for retirement, find themselves in a difficult situation when they simply outlive their resources. It is through the generosity of churches and faithful individuals that PCSC is able to provide anywhere from $1 - 2 million in charitable care each year for qualifying residents, enabling them to continue care with Presbyterian Communities.

Gifts can be designated for charitable care in their entirety or they can be added to our Resident Aid Endowment. Gifts made to the Endowment remain fully invested in perpetuity, generating earnings and interest that are used each year to pay for charitable care. Gifts to the Endowment are investments that provide charitable care blessings for the future.

Capital Projects

Each Presbyterian Community has special campaigns to raise support for projects such as chapels, special gardens, and wellness centers. Please call the Foundation office at 1-888-842-4855 (toll-free) or 803-772-5885 if you are interested in learning about ways to support current or anticipated projects.

Funds for the Benefit of Our Employees

Our exceptional staff is key to the success of our mission. We are grateful for the diligent and caring work of our employees so we have established funds for their benefit. Donors may give to the Employee Appreciation Fund, out of which a special gift is made at Christmas time to the “hands-on” staff that provide direct care to our residents.

They may also give to our Nursing Education Funds that help our nursing staff earn degrees, obtain professional certifications, and gain new skills. We also have an Employee Emergency Fund that is used to provide short-term assistance to employees facing an unexpected financial crisis.

We believe that our staff is our greatest asset. Your gift to any of these employee-oriented funds helps to affirm this belief.

Other Designated Uses

Your gift can be designated for use at a particular community in a variety of other ways, including support of spiritual enrichment, campus beautification, exercise equipment purchases, resident day trips, and more. Please call the Foundation office at 1-888-842-4855 (toll-free) or 803-772-5885 if you are interested in learning about ways to bless our residents at a particular community.

There are many wonderful uses for your donations. No matter where or how you designate your gift to be used, you will strengthen our ministry today and secure it for tomorrow. Thank you for your generous support!

You have many options of ways to give to Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina