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I Pray We Won't Go Back to Normal


The new normal we have all woken up to a few weeks ago can give us an opportunity to focus on the things that matter most.  We see what we focus on. If we see negatives, we will see negative. If we see positivity we see positive.  
Let’s all take time in our days to focus on where we see God in the moments of life. 
Today at The Village at Summerville it was a friendly team member offering a warm voice and a smile behind a face covering, delivering one of the three daily meals.  
Today at The Village at Summerville it was Chaplain Achim providing his Daily Devotional via our online community channel.  Bringing the Word to the people via technology is a blessing we all are learning to embrace. 
Today at The Village it was something as simple as washing our hands. Washing our hands is the 1st line of defense against an invisible adversary. 
Today at The Village it was a  Life Enrichment team member connecting a resident  with her daughter via a virtual phone call so they could “see each other.” 
In the days ahead let us all remember to look for the hidden blessings in our lives, and to remember to see where God is at work in our lives.  We’d love to hear from you where you see God at work. 

-Eileyn Sobeck-Bador, Residential Care Sales Coordinator, The Village at Summerville