Highest Level of Wellbeing

PCSC Foothills addresses optimal health and well-being with the Seven Dimensions of Wellness, a multi-tiered approach to feeling one’s best. In this program, the individual sets the course for what he or she requires to feel whole and well. Compassionate and professional staff assist in assessing the physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and social needs of every resident. Activities and practices combine in ways to support the unique abilities and spirits of each community member.

Medical and Non-Medical Support

Transitions can be challenging. Appropriate supportive services ensure mature adults have the resources they need to meet and adapt to change. A shift in circumstances may require help with daily tasks, assistance with rehabilitation after surgery, or long-term memory care. With the utmost respect for the dignity and well-being of people in transition, PCSC Foothills offers the following services:

*Medicare Certified healthcare areas

The Foothills Retirement Community


205 Bud Nalley Dr Easley, SC 29642

Immediate Health Care

Looking for health care options immediately? Capable admissions personnel will assist you through the application process to enter health care areas directly. Current residents receive priority placement to health care service areas.

Nourishing Body, Mind, and Spirit

A vibrant community plays an essential role in the well-being and happiness of its members. That’s why the Foothills Retirement Community embraces the philosophy that optimal health at any age merits a multi-tiered approach to well-being and offers Seven Dimensions of Wellness programming.  At PCSC Foothills, tasty and nutritious food, fitness classes, social events, creativity, helping one another, and space for quiet meditation compose a foundation for fulfillment. Plus, engaged, active residents do as much to promote a healthy environment as any program. Each day is an invitation to renew one’s commitment to living a rich life.

Learn more about what makes PCSC Foothills such a wonderful place to call home. Our representatives will be delighted to answer all your questions.