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Deciding If Assisted Living Is the Best Option for Your Spouse

Does your spouse need more care than you are able to provide them with? Are they not getting the engaging, exciting lifestyle they deserve? Is your health suffering because of caregiver stress and burnout? If any of these questions are something you find yourself thinking about, maybe it’s time to consider an assisted living community.

According to Karen Nichols, Executive Director at The Foothills Retirement Community, a Life Plan Community in Easley, SC, assisted living communities can be a great option for seniors and their spouses. “In assisted living communities, you really have two options. Your spouse can come stay and enjoy the engaging lifestyle, opportunities for connection and around-the-clock care while you can enjoy simply being their spouse and spending time with them again, or you can move into the community as well,” she states. “Because many communities can accommodate spouses, the decision to consider this move for your spouse might not be as difficult. When touring communities, be sure to talk to the staff about what your options are and consider what would be best for you as a couple.”

When Assisted Living Might Be Necessary

There are many different reasons spouses may consider an assisted living community for their loved one, but most times it boils down to the lifestyle, comfort and care their spouse deserves. Consider some of the most common reasons that spouses begin to consider a move.

  • Their spouse is becoming depressed. Is your loved one is having a hard time allowing you to provide care for them? Are they feeling isolated and unsettled about the things they can no longer do? This is common when spouses care for their loved ones. They may be upset their loved one needs to provide them with care and they might be embarrassed about their declining abilities, causing them to become depressed and potentially further decreasing their health.
  • They can no longer provide the type of care that’s needed. As needs increase and health problems progress, it may become harder to keep up with medications being taken, activities of daily living and the administering of medication. While it’s possible to have services come in to help, they are often costly, especially as needs progress further. This often leads couples to evaluate other options, like assisted living.
  • Caregiver stress and burnout is at a high. Many spouses try to care for their loved ones all on their own with little to no help. While they may be able to ask other family members for assistance or to keep their loved one company, their social life and health often begins to decline over time because of stress and burnout. This does not allow them to provide the level of care their loved one may need, increasing guilt and the likelihood of depression.
  • The relationship is suffering. Because of the wide range of obstacles caregivers and their spouses can face as a result of all of these factors, relationships can begin to suffer. If you notice you are both fighting more, don’t have the relationship you once did or are dreaming of days that were easier, it could signal that a move to assisted living will benefit you.

While it can be a difficult decision to make a move, it often ends up being the best option for couples. Whether it’s because of the lessened stress, enhanced lifestyle or opportunities to become closer, many spouses regard it was one of the best relationship decisions they have ever made.

Why Deciding on Assisted Living Benefits Spouses

After seniors decide that a move to assisted living is best, they often notice the wide range of benefits it can have for their relationship.

  • Spouses can have peace of mind. Caregivers often feel peace of mind knowing that their loved one is receiving the high level of care that they deserve. They can trust in the assisted living team to meet their loved one’s needs, care for them and ensure their safety. Even better, your spouse will no longer have to worry about you providing their care. Instead of worrying about care and health care needs, you can now relax and live worry-free.
  • Engaging lifestyles can bring them closer together. Whether you choose to live at the assisted living community with your loved one or you choose to visit each day, many communities will allow you to dine, participate in activities and enjoy time together. Try a new hobby with your loved one, take a couples painting class, plan a special birthday dinner or anniversary party, the options are endless. Your only worry now is how to enjoy each other every day.
  • Your loved one can connect with others. The risk of depression significantly decreases when seniors have access to engaging lifestyles and social interaction. With a range of programs and activities at senior living communities and plenty of people to talk to, your loved one will likely become happier, more confident and more adventurous.
  • You can continue focusing on your relationships. As caregivers, we often drop what’s going on in our own lives to care for the one we love. This causes us to put friends and family on the backburner, take less care of ourselves and drop our hobbies. When you no longer have to worry about caregiving, you can be free to pick up right where you left off. Not only will this make you happier, but it will make your spouse happier, too.

If you would like more information about deciding if assisted living is the right option for your spouse, contact the team at The Foothills Retirement Community. We would be happy to help assist you in your decision and help you see how your relationship and health could improve.

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