Life: Plan it. Live it. Love it.

LeadingAge, the national association of not-for-profit senior living organizations announced in November 2015 that the terminology will be transitioning from Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) to Life Plan Community. Throughout our website, you will notice the words Life Plan Community replacing the name CCRC or Continuing Care Retirement Community.

Presbyterian Communities is proud to be part of this nationwide initiative to rename “Continuing Care Retirement Communities” as Life Plan Communities. The new name helps communicate better who we are and what we provide. Our communities are much more than just about health care. We are about life and living life to its fullest. We aim to provide vibrant, forward-looking lifestyle opportunities that appeal to older adults 62 and over.

Life Plan Communities offer a wide range of housing choices and services for a life filled with possibilities while still offering a continuum of supportive and advanced health care services should they be needed. As a result, a Life Plan Community allows planning and living to merge. Having a plan in place—the security and safety net provided by the availability of health care, coupled with the freedom from not having to manage all the day-to-day tasks that come with homeownership—allows residents to live life to the fullest.

As you journey toward the next phase in your retirement, you’ll find that many others have traveled this same path and have determined that the lifestyle at a Life Plan Community is the optimal choice.

Among the many living options for older adults, a Life Plan Community is the retirement lifestyle that offers the highest level of expectations; meeting you where you are along your journey and offering support as you need it; all on the same campus. If the future holds an unforeseen decline in health, a Life Plan Community offers a strategy to address those situations while you continue to live among your friends and support group.

Taking this path means choosing more than just a lovely residence on a piece of real estate. In addition, you are choosing maintenance-free living, an active and enriching lifestyle, and peace of mind for your future, knowing health care options are available if needed.

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Your Well-being is a Worthy Investment

When analyzing the cost of staying in their current home, many people find that their monthly expenses, including home maintenance, food, utilities, and entertainment, are more costly and less predictable than they realized. And as we age, many home maintenance tasks become more and more difficult to complete, such as cleaning gutters, mowing the lawn, and fixing a leaky roof.

Living in a Life Plan Community can be a sound investment, which not only offers more predictable cost and greater financial peace of mind, but also allows older adults to live free from the burdens of home maintenance.