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Benefits of lifelong learning for seniors

Benefits of lifelong learning for seniors

Your retirement years are a new chapter in life that can be whatever you make of it. Even if you’re not traveling the world and visiting new places, you can still live life to the fullest by exploring new opportunities or trying something you never had time for previously. 

The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are worth absorbing: Not only does lifelong learning help keep your mind sharp, it also keeps you on your toes socially and helps you stay active physically. Best of all, learning something new helps keep you feeling young!

Keep learning every day

Continuing education has big benefits for older adults, including the following:

Brain power. Exercising your mind can enhance your life — and it may even help prevent memory loss. The act of learning new skills can keep you mind sharp and prevent age-related cognitive decline.

Physical activity. Participating in different forms of continuing education can also help you stay physically active. For example, using your mind and hands together can be a rewarding challenge that can help you maintain coordination. 

Social activity. Joining a class (whether virtual or in-person) provides an opportunity for riveting group discussions and interaction with instructors and others who share common interests. It helps you meet new people and provides an interest you can share with family and friends.

Positive outlook. Pursuing your goals and passions can help you find purpose in life and feel good about your plans for the future. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and self-confidence in your abilities.

Try something new

No matter how much you’ve learned in a lifetime, there’s always more knowledge to gain and skills to learn. With lots of continuing education programs available for older adults, keeping your mind fit can be a fun and rewarding adventure. Here are some ideas to inspire the next chapter of your learning:

• Check out programs offered through your local community education center, library or college. You could study a foreign language, learn more about computers, take an art history class or try your hand as an artist in woodworking or stained glass.

Visit parks and museums. Attend interpretive programs to learn more about local wildlife, history and science.

Join a club that matches your interests. You could join a club that meets online or in person for gardeners, book lovers, craft beer makers and more.

Sign up for online classes or webinars that get you engaged learning from the comfort of home.

Lifelong learning opportunities

Joining a senior living community can expand your horizons and provide new opportunities for learning because we offer plenty of choices. To learn more, please visit