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Benefits of a short-term rehabilitation stay

Benefits of a short-term rehabilitation stay

If you or a loved one go to the hospital for surgery or treatment for a serious illness or injury, you may need to go through weeks or months of recovery. Knowing your options and planning ahead for a short-term rehabilitation stay at [This Senior Living Community] can make things easier for you and your family.

When short-term rehab is needed

When it’s time to discharge from the hospital, you want to be confident that you have the support you need. If you’re not sure if you can manage your recovery at home, your doctor may recommend transitional care or short-term rehabilitation.

Some common medical issues that require rehabilitation include pneumonia, stroke and injuries caused by falls. Even in situations where there’s time to plan ahead (e.g., joint replacement surgery), you may realize that you need extra support and rehabilitation before returning home.

Make the most of your stay

[This Senior Living Community] is here to support you when you’re ready to leave the hospital but not yet ready to return home. Let’s explore some of the benefits of a short-term rehabilitation stay at a retirement community following hospitalization:

• Time to focus on your recovery. During your short-term rehab stay, your only responsibility is to focus on your recovery. You can put all of your energy toward making progress for a smooth transition back home.

• Convenient access to rehabilitation therapy. A short-term rehabilitation stay provides the opportunity to recover in a safe setting with regularly scheduled occupational therapy (OT) and physical therapy (PT) sessions.

• Medical care on-site. You’ll be monitored by a skilled nursing staff and a team coordinating care with your doctor. If you experience health problems during your recovery, you’ll be in good hands with our staff.

• Help navigating your recovery. Receive a care plan for your recovery in collaboration with doctors, nurses and rehabilitation therapists.

• Enjoy the perks of our community. When you stay in our short-term rehabilitation wing, you enjoy the benefits of being a resident of our community and all of the amenities and activities offered on campus.

• Peace of mind for loved ones. Knowing that you’re safe and well cared for can reduce stress and relieve the burden of caregiving for your family.

How long is a short-term stay?

The length of a short-term rehabilitation stay depends on your personal circumstances. Your stay may be covered by Medicare if you meet certain criteria, including having spent at least three nights as an inpatient in a hospital within the last 30 days. You’ll need a doctor’s order for short-term rehabilitation and must receive your care in a Medicare-certified skilled nursing facility. In some cases, Medicare may cover a short-term rehabilitation stay up to 100 days if deemed necessary. Your physician can determine when you’re ready to return home safely.

Spending a few weeks or months under the care of an expert team at Presbyterian Communities of South Carolina can help you achieve your recovery goals faster than you would spending that time at home. Visit us at for more information about short-term rehabilitation.